About Us

Sampoerna University is a higher educational institution part of the Sampoerna Schools System in Indonesia. As an international university in Indonesia, Sampoerna University aspires its students to foster a future with strong moral character and various types of international competitive skills, which enable them to actively participate in building a more prosperous, just, dignified, and globally competitive Indonesia.

Our Value

Value for Participants

Expand knowledge, perspective, and to discover new insights in finance area to strengthen job performance and to grow as an asset to the organization. Establish an national peer network of professional support, network, and friendship. Eligible for affiliate membership in the Sampoerna University and CFO Club upon completion. Eligible to join LinkedIn group for SU-CFO Executive Trainings alumni social media (i.e. linkedIn)

Value for Companies

Education from reputable institutions/organizations and prominent facilitators. Up-to-date, focused knowledge to improve employee engagement and business performance. Strategic investment in the contributions and advancement of the employees by develop a shared vision and perspective.

Our Lecturer

Aria Nagasastra

Professional in finance and management

Dr. Wahyoe Soedarmono

Ph.D. in Money, Finance, and Banking

Dr. Pananda Pasaribu

Ph.D. in Finance